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What's New
Tucker Street Associates

Tucker Street Associates is a consulting firm which provides marketing, public relations, advertising, and communication expertise to businesses and professional services in the greater Boston area. The company helps its clients to adapt corporate marketing techniques to the issues facing these businesses by planning, developing, and implementing strategies and tactics which leverage clients' time, resources, and efforts.

Among the firm's clients are companies in high technology, systems and software development, professional services (accounting, legal, and consulting), engineering research and development, manufacturing, and national retail products.

Tucker Street Associates' mission is to provide professional marketing expertise to businesses and professional services firms who want to use strategic marketing techniques to plan for their business success. The firm's focus is on customers: how to identify them, reach them, and retain them.

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Tucker Street Associates
14 Pinewood Road
Wellesley, MA 02482
800-813-6201 (fax)

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